NearbyMii Check-in

NearbyMii Check-in is a sign-in system with marketing tools to trace for Covid-19 outbreak using QR Code technology.

How to keep in touch with your visitors is crucial to sustain the business in the new norm these days, our marketing tools help you to keep in touch with your visitors and protect user's privacy.

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Simple Check-in

Easy registration and one click to check-in

Opt-in subscription

Optional for users to subscribe to premises newsletter

Check-in History

View check-in history for the past 6 months

Marketing Tools

Optional feature to send message to subscribers

Real Time Statistics

View total users check-in per day/week/month


Malay, English & Chinese languages available

How this works

Step 1

Register your premises on our website.

Step 2

Print and place the poster with QR code at your premises entrance.

Step 3

Users will scan the QR code and fill up the form to check-in to your premises.